Diagnostic Session

60-minute nutrition assessment

For new Nutrition Mechanic clients OR
returning clients who need a tune-up

For recreational and competitive athletes who are ready to dig into:

  • strategies to improve energy levels, contributing not only to successful training sessions but to “beast mode” in everyday life

  • guidelines for structuring timing, selection, and amounts of foods and sports nutrition to support health, training, recovery, and competition goals

  • removing DNFs (Did Not Finish), “gut bombs”, and the panic button from racing and athletic pursuits

Why not start the process of:

  • Removing confusion as to what dietary pattern is optimal for you to achieve improved vitality

  • Living and thriving without dieting, strict food rules, and feelings of guilt surrounding food choices

  • Fueling appropriately and recovering quickly, while managing body composition for health and strength

  • Implementing dietary changes to reduce your risk for disease or better control your current medical condition(s), resulting in the slowing of disease progression and increased longevity

  • Having a trusted, expert nutrition resource on your side to guide you without gimmicks, radical approaches, or selling you costly supplements

What to Expect:

  • BEFORE: Dina will collect information from you to better understand where you are in this process. You may also be asked to provide recent blood work and a snapshot of your training regimen.

  • DURING: In your 60-minute session, we discuss in detail your:

    • health and performance-related goals

    • barriers to making successful change

    • relevant health and medical history and what your current treatment or therapy involves

    • current lifestyle and “food life” (habits, preferences, food preparation skills, and more)

  • DURING: Together, we begin developing strategies YOU resonate with to move past your barriers and forward in your personal journey

  • AFTER: You receive a personalized report with Dina’s professional and expert recommendations. You begin implementing your actionable To Do’s that are realistic, sensible, and in line with your stated goals. You are on your way!

Investment $170

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For the past 5 years, Dina has played an integral role in my athletic success. From crewing at the Badwater 135 to nutrition advice & crew at UTMB, TDG and other races, she has guided me through the daunting world of foods, caloric intake and hydration. Dina’s knowledge as well as caring but firm advice nudged me to experiment outside my food comfort zone. I came to enjoy hearing her say “Lindaaaaa…do you think you could just try...” Dina will go the extra mile to help you reach your athletic dreams!!
— Linda Quirk, 65 years young and I dream big.