Endurance Nutrition Primer Online Program

The nuts and bolts to get you primed for performance

Are you a triathlete, runner, cyclist, swimmer, or adventure racer? Or are you thinking about starting an endurance sport?

The Endurance Nutrition Primer program provides recreational and competitive endurance athletes key nutrition tips and tools. Be better informed for training, competition, and day-to-day nutrition to achieve your top performance.

  • Get clarity and confidence towards optimum health utilizing cutting edge strategies you can fit into your life and training.

  • Improve consistency of your energy levels through the application of endurance fueling and strategic hydration guidelines.

  • Reduce your recovery time by learning the importance and impact of a fine-tuned endurance nutrition practice.

This self-guided online program features 13 video modules covering:

Daily Nutrition

  • Why it matters for your vitality and endurance performance

  • A review of macronutrients and key micronutrients to uncover where you may be lacking in optimization

  • How to approach adjustments in your nutrition to better prepare, perform, and recover

Sports Nutrition & Hydration

  • Fueling guidelines for pre-, during, and post-training

  • Tools to dial in your hydration needs

  • How to better assess whether electrolytes are right for you

Other Primer Tools

  • 4 key testing services that help you personalize your nutrition needs for the next level

  • How to constructively assess the ‘best diet’ for you

  • How to approach weight loss pursuits as an endurance athlete

Ready to up your nutrition game? Join the Endurance Nutrition Primer Program for unlimited access to this online resource.


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