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Introducing the Endurance Nutrition Primer Online Program

There are so many mixed signals and contradicting advice out there about how to properly fuel for your sport, whether it’s for training or on race day. With our primer program, we break down how to eat for optimal performance and help you start fueling for success!


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Let the Nutrition Mechanic show you the nuts and bolts of fueling for success

The Primer Program was specifically designed for endurance athletes such as yourself. There are so many misconceptions about how to properly fuel to sustain your training and maintain energy levels, and Dina, an athlete herself, has spent years studying the proper combination of fats, proteins and carbohydrates to prime our bodies for optimal performance. If you’re ready to stop making excuses and start building the strongest nutritional foundation for yourself and your sport, then look no further.

For a limited time, we’re offering a few modules of our Primer Program for free. That’s right, completely free!

Learn more about what you’ll gain from Endurance Nutrition Primer:

  • Get clarity and confidence towards optimum health utilizing cutting edge strategies you can fit into your life and training.

  • Improve consistency of your energy levels through the application of endurance fueling and strategic hydration guidelines.

  • Reduce your recovery time by learning the importance and impact of a fine-tuned endurance nutrition practice.

Hear Testimonials From Happy Athletes Like Yourself!

We all think we know enough about nutrition to get by. But in reality, there are many changeable aspects of nutrition that can make a difference in bettering ourselves. This program shines the light on these areas of nutrition for the endurance athlete, while clearing confusion and providing a path for positive change. Dina helps you to set the stage for making nutrition a priority area in your life!
— Meredith Atwood, SwimBikeMom
I can’t say enough about Dina and her nutrition primer for endurance athletes! It’s packed with good information. I have been training for my second 1/2 ironman and I find myself again and again in conversations with friends about “fueling.” Everyone has different advice about what works for them and I find myself constantly second guessing what I should do for myself. Dina answered so many questions I had about carbs vs. proteins, about when and how much to eat and drink, and about how much sodium is necessary during training—all the squishy stuff that seemed a bit mysterious. It’s good scientific information—nothing trendy or gimmicky. Thank you so much, Dina!
— Jill G.
In a society of food shaming, I really appreciated your approach of how unique our bodies are and how we need to experiment and see what works for us as an individual. The videos were outstanding! I couldn’t stop listening to them. It is such great info!
— Theresa C.

Learn more about what you’ll receive when you sign up for our self-guided Endurance Nutrition Primer course

PRACTICAL Daily Nutrition Information

  • Why it matters for your vitality and endurance performance

  • A review of macronutrients and key micronutrients to uncover where you may be lacking in optimization

  • How to approach adjustments in your nutrition to better prepare, perform, and recover


Optimal Sports Nutrition & Hydration

  • Fueling guidelines for pre-, during, and post-training

  • Tools to dial in your hydration needs

  • How to better assess whether electrolytes are right for you


  • 4 key testing services that help you personalize your nutrition needs for the next level

  • How to constructively assess the ‘best diet’ for you

  • How to approach weight loss pursuits as an endurance athlete


Free Version

Program Introduction, including welcome from Dina

Daily Nutrition

• Why It Matters and Why We Get Personal

• Macronutrient Review: Protein

Training Nutrition & Hydration

Primer Success Tools

FreeStart for free

FULL Program

Program Introduction, including welcome from Dina

Daily Nutrition

• Why It Matters and Why We Get Personal

• Macronutrient Review: Protein

• Macronutrient Review: Fat

• Macronutrient Review: Carbohydrates

• Micros Matter Too

• Nutrition Periodization

Training Nutrition & Hydration

• Sports Nutrition: Foundational Considerations

• Sports Nutrition: What, How Much, and How Often

• Hydration & Electrolytes

• More on Electrolytes

Primer Success Tools

• Glimpse into Testing Services

• Which Diet is Best?

• Body Composition & Weight Concerns

Program Conclusions and thank you

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