Endurance Nutrition Primer Program

The nuts and bolts to get you primed for performance

The Endurance Nutrition Primer program provides recreational and competitive athletes key nutrition tips and tools. Be better informed for training, competition, and day-to-day living to achieve your top performance.

This self-guided online program features 13 video modules covering:

  • Considerations for daily nutrition planning and why it matters for your health and performance

  • The concept of nutrition periodization for better fueling and recovery

  • Useful testing services to learn your physiology and their applications to enhance your health and performance

  • How to constructively assess the ‘best diet’ for you

  • Weight loss and body composition recommendations and cautions

  • Sports Nutrition 101:  The What, Why, When…and the Gotchas

  • Guidelines for hydration and electrolyte supplementation

Ready to up your nutrition game? Join the Endurance Nutrition Primer Program for unlimited access to this online resource.


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