Nutrition Coaching for the Long Haul

available No matter where you live


2 Month Nutrition Program

For athletes who are ready to train better, recover quickly, and remove the guessing game from their nutrition approaches, this program includes:

  • A prescription for training nutrition and hydration strategies to avoid energy crashes and gastrointestinal distress, while building metabolic efficiency, supporting strength and endurance, and working with reproductive hormone fluctuations (for the female athlete).
  • Nutrient timing and nutrition periodization guidelines to instill nutritional confidence for what to eat at what time to optimize your training and recovery, no matter if you are a weekend warrior or competitive athlete.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to support body composition goals.
  • Introduction to the Mechanic MethodTM as it applies to your health and performance goals.

Requires completion of the Diagnostic Session

Program includes bi-monthly calls and weekly e-mail support

$350 per month


6 Month Nutrition Program

For athletes who are ready for the deeper nutrition dive and longer term support system, this program provides:

  • Inclusion of the Diagnostic Session, all of the benefits with the Peak Performance program, and the tools and education you need for sustainability.
  • Guidance and direction with training nutrition and hydration product selection, ergogenic aid recommendations, personalized strategies for key training sessions, and detailed Race or Competition plan(s).
  • Additional time to deeply explore and redesign habits and behaviors related to your "food life", a critical element to heal from a history of diet hopping and metabolic disorder.
  • A trusted partner on your side (Dina) to encourage, high five, listen, and brainstorm with you to clear information confusion and work towards resolving health mishaps.
  • An in depth integration of the Mechanic MethodTM.
Program includes the Diagnostic Session

Bi-monthly calls and unlimited e-mail support

$330 per month