Specialty Offerings

Writing, podcasts, webinars, speaking events, private consulting


for your training team or club

Can be offered via webinar, Facebook, or other online media tools. Acquire Dina as a nutrition resource as a unique educational benefit for your group.

Crew / Pacer

for ultra races or other adventures

Having an experienced Sports Dietitian (who is also an athlete) on your support team will reduce your “worry factor” so you can focus on getting to your own finish line, no matter what that looks like.

Nutrition sponsor

For elite or professional athletes seeking a Sports Dietitian to work with exclusively and privately who are financially strapped. Inquire for options on how to get Dina on your support team so that you are geared up for a season of stellar racing.


For journalists or bloggers who need an expert nutrition resource for their published works or for Dina to contribute a written piece.
For podcasters who want a unique perspective on sports nutrition topics such as female athlete health, optimizing daily nutrition to support athletic performance, endurance sports nutrition, and Metabolic Efficiency TrainingTM.