Sweat Sodium Testing Information

The testing appointment takes place at Colorado Multisport at 2480 Canyon Blvd (Suite M2) in Boulder, Colorado.

To prepare for the appointment:

  • There is NO need to fast, so you can drink and eat your usual fluids and foods prior. Try to be well-hydrated.

  • Do your best to avoid exercise in the 2 hours prior. Note that our appointment is a non-exercise test and will resemble what this athlete did.

  • If you have "hairy" forearms, you can shave a small patch (~3 inches long, ~2 inches wide) on your inner left forearm. If you forget, Dina will have an extra razor for you at the store.

  • Please allow 45 minutes for the appointment.

  • Payment forms accepted include exact cash, check (made out to Nutrition Mechanic), or credit/debit card.

Please complete the form below to provide Dina additional information prior to your testing appointment. 

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Birth date
How would you describe your sweat rate? *
How "salty" do you feel your sweat is? *
Think about white residue on your skin, clothes, or hat after exercise.
How often do you experience muscle cramps?