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Sweat sodium composition testing is a game changer for athletes. It removes some “guessing game” and enables us to fine-tune your fluid and electrolyte strategies so you perform at your best. This is especially important for athletes who are heavy sweaters, train and compete in hot/humid conditions, ultra endurance athletes (Ironman, ultra runners, etc.) or have had hydration struggles in past competitions or events.

Because this testing measures your unique sweat gland physiology, it is considered a “one and done test”, meaning you only need to do the test a single time. However, you will have the data to apply for the remainder of your athletic lifetime, no matter what type of athlete you are!

What does the test tell you?
The short answer is: how much sodium you lose in one liter of your sweat.

The test does not tell us about how much you sweat (your “sweat rate”), as this is quite variable depending on factors such as exercise intensity and environmental conditions. As a part of the service I offer, you do learn how to monitor your sweat rate throughout the season and apply your sweat rate data and sweat sodium loss together to aid in your hydration planning for optimal training and recovery.

Why should you care about sodium? Let me give you 3 quick reasons.

  1. Sodium is the primary electrolyte lost in sweat. Knowing more definitively your personal sodium losses helps to fine-tune selection of hydration/electrolyte products to minimize risk of over- or under-consuming needed fluids and sodium. You save money, or spend it more wisely by making smarter product decisions. You minimize your risk for exercise-associated hyponatremia.

  2. Sodium balance, along with your hydration level, plays a role in maintenance of blood plasma volume. If plasma volume drops too low due to high sweat and/or sodium losses during exercise (combined with improper hydration and sodium intake), your performance will take a hit. This can be due to negative effects on cardiovascular functioning, cognition and focus, and thermoregulation.

  3. We’re not all the same. Did you know there can be about a 10-fold difference between athletes for sodium lost per liter lost of sweat? This is largely independent of what your daily dietary sodium intake is. You can thank your sweat gland physiology for this fact. And it speaks to the need to find out where you are on the spectrum (i.e., a low, moderate, or high level of “saltiness”).

How does the testing work?

The testing itself typically takes about 20-25 minutes and is a non-invasive and non-exercise test (meaning, you do not need to exercise to produce sweat!).  You sit comfortably while the technology does the rest. A brief video demonstrating the test is best viewed here: https://vimeo.com/217827805 (less than 2 minute video). Don’t worry - you won’t be offered or sold any hydration products.

Here’s how easy it is!

Here’s how easy it is!

The appointment is 45 minutes in duration so that I can collect background information related to your hydration and electrolyte “history” and put together personalized recommendations in a written report (to be e-mailed to you).

The investment for this testing is $135. You are worth it!

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