What I’m doing now

(Thank you @sivers for the inspiration; Make your own Now.)

BOOKS I’m currently reading, listening to, and working with:
- “Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality” (Anthony De Mello)
- “A Beautiful Constraint” (Adam Morgan and Mark Barden)
- “3 Word Rebellion: Create a One-of-a-Kind Message that Grows Your Business Into a Movement” (Michelle A Mazur)
- “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” (Chris McChesney and Sean Covey)

BOOKS I recently finished:
- “A Really Good Day” (Ayelet Waldman)
- “UNFU*K Yourself” (Gary John Bishop)
- “Mistakes Were Made (but Not by Me)” (Carol Tavris and Elliott Aronson)
- “The Passion Paradox” (Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness)

MUSIC: Janestown (the all women band I play guitar for) is getting ready for a little gig on November 2 at the Jamestown Mercantile. Practicing with the Janes fills my soul.

MOVEMENT: I’m learning how to do proper back squats for Squatober at REVO Physiotherapy in Boulder. I’m shy about sticking by back end out though. My running volume is ramping up and it feels great to go back to some roots, so to speak.

GIGGLE: I love to laugh. We all need to laugh more. Here’s one to share, thanks to Argyle Sweater.


last updated: October 19, 2019