Nutrition Coaching

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There’s no one-size-fits-all or magic bullet so why follow the fads, social media hub-bub, or waste your time dabbling with trendy diets?
Let Dina help take you to the next level - one where you live with less “food confusion” and “diet hopping”.
Find out what is right for your unique self, all while achieving increased vitality and accomplishing the physical feats on your bucket list.

Please feel welcome to contact Dina with your questions regarding services.


A single one-on-one consultation


Long term one-on-one guidance


An online self-paced program

Not only did Dina help get me across the finish line of my first Ironman race, but she also really opened my eyes to the impact nutrition can have on my life as a whole. Her comprehensive, realistic approach to properly fueling the body has equipped me with invaluable tools that I continue to use every single day. She has unlocked a new world of possibility for me... I only wish I had found her sooner!
— Megan, Tri-Mama & former PortaPottyQueen