metabolic efficiency, Blood, sweat sodium/hydration, Nutrigenomics


Rest assured, this is in Dina’s wheelhouse given her extensive background in Metabolic Efficiency TrainingTM teaching, research, and testing of athletes. Dina can facilitate your testing protocol with the testing center located near you and then analyze the raw testing data after test completion. You receive a detailed report with individualized recommendations, a phone consultation to review results, and a plan to go forward in your personal nutrition journey.


In Dina’s “Assess, Don’t Guess” philosophy, blood testing can reveal incredible insights as to your physiology and response to your current nutrition patterns. Additionally, results can indicate your athletic training tolerance and recoverability, pieces that are fundamental to manipulation of training and nutrition programming. Inquire about using Dina's most trusted sport science partner to ensure expert analysis or arranging specific blood work through your local medical resources.

Sweat Sodium Concentration Analysis

Athletes can easily goof on their hydration and electrolyte strategies for training and competition resulting in gut bombs, sloshy stomachs, and ultimately decreased performance. Let’s learn your unique physiology so that we can get your plan better detailed.  You will also gain knowledge for how to adjust hydration and electrolytes for sweat rates variances and environmental factors. Book online via Colorado Multisport if you are in the Boulder area. Alternatively, inquire about a testing clinic near you.

NutrigenomiX TESTING
& Consultation

While the field of nutrigenomics continues to evolve, this test kit features 45 research-based genetic markers that are assessed for variants (as single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs). In this "one and done" test, learn whether you are susceptible to nutrient deficiencies, food intolerances (such as gluten and lactose), or other nutrition factors affecting weight management and cardiovascular health.