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I reached out to Dina as I know she has the tools and knowledge to help guide me to a more well-rounded approach to nutrition. I am juggling being a new mother, business owner, and having just stepped away from competitive bike racing, my nutrition was a train wreck. Dina helped reground my methods and focus on nutrition timing, having food available that is prepared or easy to create, and always remembering to have a protein in the mix. I am excited to see how these simple yet imperative practices help nourish and fuel me from the inside out.
— Joy, cycling coach
I have previously struggled in hot, humid events, ending up in the medical tent at Iroman Cozumel, Racine and a DNF at IM Boulder. I contacted Dina for help two months before my Kona IM World Championship race. Following her advice, the race went well. I finished 8th in my age group and stayed out of the med tent. I felt good at the finish of the race...well, as good as you can after a 140.6 miles in Kona!
— Bob, competitive 65-69 age group triathlete and maybe a little obsessed with racing!
For the past 5 years, Dina has played an integral role in my athletic success. From crewing at the Badwater 135 to nutrition advice & crew at UTMB, TDG and other races, she has guided me through the daunting world of foods, caloric intake and hydration. Dina’s knowledge as well as caring but firm advice nudged me to experiment outside my food comfort zone. I came to enjoy hearing her say “Lindaaaaa…do you think you could just try...” Dina will go the extra mile to help you reach your athletic dreams!!
— Linda Quirk, 65 years young and I dream big.
Dina agreed to work with me one month before my next competition, the 70.3 Ironman World Championship in South Africa. In this short amount of time, Dina was able to zero in on my nutrition problems to design a competition-ready, personalized nutrition and hydration plan. It worked! I had the best race ever. I felt strong and comfortable the entire race. I even placed third in my age group. After the race, I was able to cheerfully walk to dinner and enjoy it when in the past, I would’ve suffered post-race nausea, dehydration and malaise for a day or two.
— Ida J, masters triathlete

While preparing for a 24 Hour MTB race and a 500 mile cycling road race, I knew the two areas I was neglecting were my nutrition and my recovery. I needed a sports dietitian who was extremely knowledgeable, realistic, and one who cared about my emotional health as much as my physical health. Dina fit all these requirements! Dina taught me a “carb controlled” eating pattern while periodizing my workout nutrition to properly prepare for (and recover from) my training sessions. Although we live 1000’s of miles apart, I no longer consider Dina “just” my sports dietitian, I truly think of her as a friend.
— "K-Train", endurance cyclist
As a newly-diagnosed Type 2 diabetic, I couldn’t figure out how to fuel my running adventures without consuming massive amounts of sugar and throwing my system out of whack for days. Dina helped tailor my nutrition & training program which enabled me to understand my day-to-day blood sugar fluctuations and to maintain better control through diet and exercise, insomuch that I’ve been able to eliminate the need for one of my medications. Dina’s role was critical in transforming me from an out-of-control, roller coaster runner to an even-keeled, healthy & energetic athlete... and I achieved my goal of completing my first 50-mile ultra trail race!
— Mike F., aspiring trail ultrarunner & type 2 diabetic 
Dina has been integral over the last few years helping me develop as an athlete. Proper fueling (pre/post sessions, race day, and general nutritional guidance) is key to attaining peak performance. Dina is incredibly knowledgeable, realistic, caring, and just an all around awesome woman!
— Mikki O, Ironman athlete
When I began working with Dina, she took me to another level of racing where I started to PR more races, get leaner, feel improved energy levels, have a more cooperative gut, and trusted training/race day nutrition plans.
Dina is awesome to work with, not only because she is one of the most kind and caring people you will ever meet, but also because her nutritional knowledge is backed by research and science. She doesn’t follow fad diets, and tailors your program to your needs and issues.
— Marisa, crazy triathlete of 19 years, maybe too crazy sometimes
With Dina’s guidance on daily nutrition patterns, I have gotten so much stronger, faster, even fitter and my clothes fit completely differently. Her fueling plan for a recent CrossFit competition was on point and tailored for me; I never felt hungry or depleted.
Dina is smart, personable, and truly cares about her clients. My successes are HER successes and she celebrates them with me (even remotely from Colorado!).
— Shosh, endurance and Crossfit athlete; veteran of Dina's Optimal Thrive program
From helping me to achieve weight loss while preparing for my 2nd marathon to providing nutritional guidance for day to day living, Dina provides the knowledge base, extra motivation, and that voice in my head to help me be more successful. Dina provides guidance for my weekly meal planning that meets my needs, both from a flavor perspective as well as facing social situations, so that I am “armed” with a solid plan.
— Kristi, the always busy and trying to kick butt at everything executive