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Dina Griffin, MS, RDN, CSSD, METS II not only addresses needs related to disease and illness but also takes a proactive approach in optimizing health to prevent disease, deficiencies, and breakdowns via personalized sports nutrition coaching, consulting, and physiology testing in Boulder, Colorado and virtual settings.


the mechanic

Dina likes to ‘walk the talk’ and as such, is a competitive runner, triathlete, cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast. Clients include ultra runners, triathletes, marathoners, adventure racers, and cyclists. Beware: She's not an armchair nutritionist or old school dietitian.

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Dina shares her knowledge as she guides clients to strategic, efficient fuel use without extreme supplementation or radical dieting. She has proven that optimal performance can be achieved with manipulation of daily nutrition and periodization strategies. 

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As a newly-diagnosed Type 2 diabetic, I couldn’t figure out how to fuel my running adventures without consuming massive amounts of sugar and throwing my system out of whack for days. Dina helped tailor my nutrition & training program which enabled me to understand my day-to-day blood sugar fluctuations and to maintain better control through diet and exercise, insomuch that I’ve been able to eliminate the need for one of my medications. Dina’s role was critical in transforming me from an out-of-control, roller coaster runner to an even-keeled, healthy & energetic athlete... and I achieved my goal of completing my first 50-mile ultra trail race!
— Mike F. - Aspiring Trail Ultrarunner & Type 2 Diabetic