May Day and Mechanic Day

My personal headline for today is "The Official Launch of The Nutrition Mechanic" ! 

The Mechanic is my new path, captained by me. After over seven years of working as an independent contractor for eNRG Performance, it was time for me to branch out, change it up, do something different.   Okay, so maybe I'm not doing ALL that much different in terms of my nutrition services, but I'm able now to do things on my own terms.  

This step in my career feels somewhat ballsy (excuse the language), yet I've had many entrepreneurs in my life to inspire me. Way back when, both of my parents showed courage either starting their own businesses or trying to change norms and the modus operandi within a struggling organization. When I worked in the software business (again, way back when), the leadership teams implemented various operating styles to challenge common business paradigms, foster creativity, and make waves that rocked those of us down the ladder and those in the competitive sphere. 

In my dietitian career, finding entrepreneurs was a challenge in the beginning. Mostly because the field itself was inundated with the "same old, same old" squawk box of repeating government nutrition recommendations. It took me a while to see that there were indeed firecrackers in the field, of which my (former) colleague, Bob, was/is one. I am fortunate to say I had a good longish run with Bob over these past number of years as a professional colleague and Sports Dietitian. Challenging nutrition norms and dogma is a typical day at the office.

My spirit and enthusiasm for staying on the cutting edge of sports nutrition continues to burn strong. While I may not be deemed a radical thinker or creator of something akin to sliced bread, I would like to say I take "it" all in and then assess what is best in the moment for a particular client and their personal context. And sometimes, my recommended strategies seem ballsy or borderline risky. Other times, I have a conservatively careful approach due to the sensitivity of a situation. I keep professional ethics, scientific research/evidence, and the client's well-being in mind. I deeply care about every single client with whom I work.

I'm super excited to pursue new opportunities in the nutrition field and develop meaningful partnerships and alignments with those who have common goals of doing good for others, educating athletes, healing the broken, optimizing health to support longevity and kick butt athletic performance, and setting aside fear to make room for the "let's do this exciting thang, ya'll" collaborative shout from the mountain top.

Thanks for reading and a special thanks to those of you who have shown tremendous support along my path.

"We work to become, not to acquire."  -- Elbert Hubbard

Looking forward,