New Year, (Not) New You

We’re down to the wire, folks, as 2019 is around the proverbial corner. 

As per usual, the messages to remind you to make the switch to a brand New You are ubiquitous. You’ve seen the catchy graphics like this, right?



You may think:
What the heck? Why do I need a new me?
Ugh, another year in front of me. I need to get with it and change my life!

Some thoughts from my athlete, Shosh, she cared to share with me:

I saw the sign for a “New Me” as I walked into a local gym. The first thing that came to mind was “Why do I have to get New just because it is a New Year? Can’t I just be me?”. I have thought a lot about this slogan. We see it year after year, and I don’t understand why a new year has to mean a new me since there isn’t anything wrong with who I am physically right at this moment. I, like everyone else, have goals but not a single one depends on me changing who I am just because it is 2019. They depend on me embracing the journey I am taking to achieve them… and loving the me that I am.

While I can appreciate the power of a specific motivator, such as a calendar date for the kick in the pants or a significant day of the year that brings meaning to you, there’s no ‘new you’ to be created or suddenly made from scratch. 

We each are an evolving piece of humanity. Building on each experience, decision, failure and success.

In my professional experience helping athletes and active individuals to improve health, longevity, and athletic performance, a reflection of the past and a close look at the current “happenings” are necessary in order to redesign our operating modes for future growth, no matter the goals. 

So, while it may just seem like 4 simple and harmless words with the “New Year, New You” mantra, I propose we scrap it. There’s no need for ‘new’ or ‘start over’ or ‘fresh start’ with this year ahead. Instead, let’s give ourselves the grace to appreciate the past (failures and all!) and embrace where we are on our current personal path towards becoming our best selves. 

Opportunities for positive change await with each New Day. Let’s build on what we got!


“Every brush stroke on the canvas, every dab of color introduced, the fine textures impressed in the paint—this accumulation of many small acts combines to shape a final work of art.  And so it is with life; each step, each deed, each brief choice builds gradually, day by day, to shape both character and destiny.” —Richelle Goodrich