Personal (Nutrition) Training: Times are Changing

Having your own personal trainer is a groovy thing. Just like your own training coach. They seek to understand your goals, learn your body (and mind) with its strengths and weaknesses, and then put you on a plan towards reaching the goals. They keep you on track, adjust the plan as needed, and give you high fives or kicks in the butt when called for.

I’m simplifying here as there are many differences between the experience and professional education level of personal trainers and coaches, in addition to how they go about working with an individual.

But the cool thing is these professionals personalize The Plan to your needs. And if they’re not, then, you should shop elsewhere ‘cuz these are the days of personalized schtuff.


Same goes for nutrition, gang. And the “plans” are waaayyyyy more than a meal plan. In fact, I would argue (and have) that meal plans are not really all that personalized. They are pigeonholed microscopic versions of “personalized nutrition” that are a teeny, tiny, itty-bitty part of the potential impact plan. And endurance athletes don’t follow meal plans well, BTW.

Anywho, what’s pretty darn neat these days is that with the right nutrition professional, you now get another layer of personal direction and service. You get a guide, educator, planner, co-brainstormer, science-nerder, but life-happens-and-we-need-to-be-real supporter, optimizer, and so much more. Oh, and there’s the high five and the kick in the booty for when the time is right.

Are you ready for personal nutrition attention? What’s stopping you?