The Scoop on "The Athlete's Food Guide to Metabolic Efficiency Training"

"The Athlete's Food Guide to Metabolic Efficiency" is an e-book I co-authored with my colleague, Bob Seebohar.  I want to give you a quick "top 10 list" why this book would be a great addition to your personal library.  Ready?  Here we go!

  1. You want to reduce body fat or improve body composition. By improving your body's metabolic efficiency through manipulating your daily and training nutrition patterns, you teach your body to burn fat more efficiently... even when you are not training or exercising. When followed properly, the recommendations in the book can support your weight loss and body composition goals.
  2. You want to reduce your energy lulls during your day, such as the 3pm "I need a pick me up right now or I'm going to fall asleep" feeling. When you implement the principles of metabolic efficiency training, energy lulls disappear. This is one of the first things my athletes report:  "I felt great energy levels through the whole day!".  And you don't have to resort to the 3pm cookie or cola calling.
  3. You want to rid yourself of frequent sugar cravings or "carb cravings". If you are one to grab classic snacky foods such as candy, crackers, pretzels on a daily basis, we need to address how you are putting together your other meals and snacks throughout the day. Often times, small adjustments to your main meals lead to big changes in your snacking tendencies and cravings!
  4. You want to improve your health. That's a fairly broad statement and can also fit with the goal in #1 above but let's say you also have received a bad report from your doctor regarding your blood biomarkers. You may not need to resort to medications if you are willing to tackle your nutrition patterns first. I've seen many successes with all types of athletes after they consistently implement the recommendations in this book.
  5. You want to improve your training and racing performance. We have endless stories from athletes who have set new personal bests and undertaken events they didn't think possible with the recommendations set forth in this book. I dare you to push the envelope further.
  6. You have tried calorie counting to get your nutrition in order but it hasn't worked and/or you got frustrated. The nutrition strategies provided in this food guide do not require calorie counting.  Instead you learn how to apply ratios of carbohydrate to protein in your foods to reveal quality of your meals and snacks. This is a simpler method than calorie counting and can do so much more for you.
  7. You are tired of dealing with gastrointestinal distress during your races. It does not need to happen, athletes. It actually can be conquered and it starts with implementing... you guessed it, metabolic efficiency training principles with your nutrition and your training.
  8. No matter what kind of athlete you are (fitness enthusiast to endurance athlete), this book has helped so many different kinds of athletes and of all ages. No need to say more about this.
  9. You want to learn more about how to tie the principles of Metabolic Efficiency Training and nutrition periodization to your personal nutrition patterns...all on your own. This e-book brings it together in an easy to understand approach.  It also gives you the tools to implement this with your own nutrition.
  10. And last but not least.... the e-book is a quick read and well worth the small investment. Go here to get your copy!

There you have it!