Last minute random thoughts prior to IMCDA

Tomorrow is The Big Day.  Before 'that little Ironman thing' gets rolling, I wanted to jot down a couple more notes about my nutrition. Forgive the randomness of these points, but here they are:

  • Recovery from training sessions, especially during high training blocks, has been solid. My recovery methods are fairly basic:  quality nutrition choices, attention to timing, ample sleep, compression wear and regular massages. 
  • I haven’t been extreme with my carb-controlled eating. No urine or blood ketone testing, no obsession with calorie counting. I still dine out, I still participate in social gatherings and yes, I still enjoy a few “misses”. Carb-controlled eating is still in its relative infancy with regard to endurance athlete health and performance implications.  Implementing concepts of nutrition periodization is where it's at, folks!
  • Energy levels throughout my every day and during training have been steady and rarely have I had a lull.  Controlling blood sugar with my nutrition choices continues to have a significant effect on how I feel throughout the day, my ability to concentrate, and not having to eat so often as many carbaholics do.
  • Body weight has been fairly stable over the past 6 months. I had no plans to lose weight although it has fluctuated downward by 1-2% on average. Eating fat does not make you fat.  You are not what you eat.
  • I am happy I don’t need 12 gels taped to the top tube of my bike as I saw today at the bike check in.  My race day nutrition plan is fairly simple, yet I have the mental space to make adjustments as any endurance athlete must be able to do on race day. (I’ll let you know how it goes!)

A non-nutrition note:  I admit I got a bit intimidated seeing all of the high end triathlon bikes today at the bike check in. I am racing on a road bike with aero bars and don’t have much of that fancy gear for my first IM. (Embarrassing to some of you, I know.)

But what I do have is strong training behind me, a positive attitude, a solid race and nutrition plan and a primary goal of having a lot of fun. Oh, I also have a boatload of support from my family, friends, and my personal athletes.  Big thanks to all of you for what you have given to me!