Curiously Cool Katie, Part 1

Readers, meet the lovely and vibrant Katie Visco.

I met Katie in late 2015 when she and her friend, Henley, came to Colorado for a Metabolic Efficiency assessment. Katie had made the trek up from Austin, Texas, and Henley had come over from Utah for a rendezvous. Although Katie and Henley were “just friends” at the time, having met through running buddies a few years prior, I knew there was a special spark between them that would ignite to the kind of lovey-doveyness that I adore about this thing called life. Lo and behold, they were married a couple years later and currently reside in Missoula, Montana.

I love these Love Birds, Katie & Henley

I love these Love Birds, Katie & Henley


A fun and ridiculously amazing fact about Katie is that she ran across North America (Boston to San Diego) in 2009, making her the second youngest woman and thirteenth overall woman to accomplish this journey. Ain’t no small undertaking, people.

And she’s at an epic undertaking again, but next on the agenda is running across Australia (from Darwin on the northern coast to Adelaide on the southern coast) starting in mid-July 2019. Planning to tackle about 30 miles per day, the total distance will cover just over 2,110 miles. Although she will be solo on foot, Henley will be bike support alongside her to transport their food and gear (helloooo, no small effort moving 400 lbs via bicycle either!). A human-powered epic adventure!

Henley’s no stranger to bike packing

Henley’s no stranger to bike packing


I’ve been providing Katie nutrition and planning support as needed for the past several months as she gets her mind and body ready to discover the possibilities that await her on this incredible journey.

Working with Katie is a true treat.  Even when we are discussing seemingly unexciting things like daily protein needs or smoothie recipes for post-run recovery, she lights you up with her passion and curiosity. Her spirit embodies pure and genuine human goodness. It’s the kind of vibe that quickly brings you to the present moment, yet inspires thoughts of making every moment matter… because we’re only here on this Earth for a blip of time.

I also admire Katie for her entrepreneurial self and a lover of balls like me. HEY, HEY - I mean energy balls. And super yummy and nutritious balls laden with good juju. She also has a business making soup (with Love at no extra cost) and delivering her soups by bicycle in MIssoula. How cool is that? You can check out her companies at Good Juju Energy Balls and Hot Love Soup.

Check out Part 2 where Katie answers a few questions about her past, present, and upcoming Oz adventure.

Be forewarned, her enthusiasm is wildly contagious. You just may end up quitting your job or deciding to pursue something crazy cool that lights up your fire in the belly to a zillion degrees burnin’ hot.

Visit her website to learn more and support her pursuit of curiosity. Give her and Henley a follow on Insta too!


“Curiosity is Enough. And You are Enough.” -- Katie Visco

You got an adventure of your own coming up? Give me a shout - let’s build your nutrition robustness!