Do these things to mess up your 70.3 triathlon, Part 2

Important note:  This post is most definitely satirical in content.

In my previous post, I gave some nutrition-related tips to follow leading up to your 70.3 race to result in less than desirable results. Here are a few additional To Do’s (read as: common mistake triathletes make) on race day that make for horror stories later.

  1. Wait until race morning to finalize your nutrition and hydration plan and get it all together.  I really shouldn’t have to say more on this other than… really?!?
  2.  Consume lots of sugar right before the race. Especially the gels in the 15-60 minutes right before your swim start.  That’s super duper for getting your body into high sugar burning mode.  Yaay for crash and burn, baby!
  3. Follow buffet-style eating on the bike so that you are loaded up for the run.  Many of the current sports nutrition recommendations aim for upwards of 350 calories per hour for training/racing events over 2.5-3 hours in duration, so go ahead and stuff anything and everything in.  You’ll love how heavy you feel when you get to the run and it will be a hoot to see how your stomach and gut respond.
  4. Make sure you’re trying calorie sources you’ve never tried in training.  It can’t be all that bad to introduce new sports nutrition products, especially the high simple sugar products on top of you becoming under hydrated in process. Your gut will soak it all up, so to speak.

After the race, forget about everything that went wrong.  That way you can repeat these mistakes for the next time. 


(These 2 posts were a bit harsh, I admit.  Please remember, these ‘tips’ are truly not intended to be followed. If you do find yourself with nutrition and/or hydration-related issues, give me a jingle after the race and we’ll tackle it. You really shouldn't have to suffer with nutrition being the limiter to your best athletic self!)