Swim-Bike-Run: None of those are worth squat if...

…you don’t have nutrition figured out.

Those were the words of one of my athletes who, as a top female masters triathlete, finally heeded the advice of a friend to get some professional nutrition guidance after a few years of suffering in her Ironman races.

Sure, she could place in the top 5 of her age group, but it was Sufferfest Journey to get there.

It’s a funny thing that triathletes think GI distress is part of the rite of passage and the modus operandi of being a triathlete.

It really-truly-seriously-I’m-not-making-this-up doesn’t have to be that way.

So, to everyone that finally sees the beauty and the AHA! of making nutrition training a part of their triathlon training, I am high-fiving you!

Nutrition isn’t the 4th leg of triathlon training.

It is the 1st leg.

Without its foundation, the rest can easily fall apart.